Summer Flowers in Bloom: Choosing and Caring for Seasonal Flowers

Gardens are filling up with perennials again and the grass is returning to a vibrant green. Our favorite part of summer is being able to bring the life of the flowers we see outdoors into our homes or use them at events to bring the color and freshness of the summer atmosphere indoors.  

Each season it’s nice to change up the scenery in our homes but sometimes we are unwilling to succumb to a permanent change. Summer flowers can offer a temporary solution when attempting to change up a space this season. Grab a bunch of lightly colored peonies to keep a warm house looking a little cooler than it actually is. Turn a softly hued and springy room instantly more summery by adding the saturated colors of Celosia. Keep connected with the lush, green of summer by perking up your monotone color scheme with a tall vase of forest green Rhododendron.  

Choosing flowers that are best for your home starts here, at Bloom by Anuschka. We work to support local Colorado farmers and receive the best summer flowers in Denver. Our European Style Flower Arrangements focus on symmetry and visually gripping details to create a unique moment that can be personalized to your particular style. To hone in on the summer months, Peonies, Rhododendron, Celosia and others can be added to arrangements, each having their own distinct aesthetic.

• Peonies •

As peonies are technically classified as spring flowers, and are in season in the early summer months, you’ll want to pick some up now, while you still can! Peonies’ fragile petals combined with their varying shades of pink like fuchsia, bubblegum and coral can provide a seamless transition from the late spring months to the beginning of sunny, summer days.

The history of these delicate, ruffled flowers is extensive and dates back to 1000 BCE. In Chinese history, Peonies were the symbol of good fortune, a happy marriage and were even imperially protected during the Tang Dynasty. Peonies have a deep background in medicinal uses as well and are believed to relieve headaches.

Denver Summer Flowers

Although peonies have been a popular flower for centuries, there are few indications that they will be dying out as a trend any time soon. They are a timeless summer flower that is perfect for someone trying to keep their in-home arrangements soft and light. They have also remained a popular summer wedding flower, frequently appearing in romantic and whimsical bouquets due to their wide range of colors, that includes every hue but blue. The versatility of the peony has kept them relevant and pertinent to flower design for ages.  

Denver Summer Flowers

• Caring for Peonies •

Once peony blooms open they reveal intricate and nonuniform patterns of petals that are visually inspiring. Many times, we can prefer to have them bloom more quickly, or perhaps we want to preserve them as long as possible. There are a few tricks to manipulate the time it takes your peony arrangement to open up its buds.

Maybe you received a bouquet of peonies as your chosen, focal summer wedding flower and the buds are fresh and closed. To help them open more quickly try removing unnecessary foliage to focus the plant's energy on opening the petals or place the bouquet in slightly warm water (not too warm!) and a warmer room to encourage the buds to open quicker.

If you want your arrangements to last as long as possible, keep it cool! Try finding a room that is slightly dimmer and cooler to discourage the peonies from opening up. You may also want to try placing your arrangement in the fridge during the night to keep it fresh.

Bloom by Anuschka is currently abundant with multiple shades of these wistful and elegant flowers that would be perfect as a base for your next customized summer arrangement made here in Denver. Try pairing a few different shades of peonies for an arrangement that is dynamic while remaining timeless and simple.  

• Rhododendron •

Summer arrangements shouldn’t be confined to flowers as they can be enhanced with foliage with smaller blooms. Rhododendron adds to arrangements by creating beautifully, green fullness that supports the beauty of the more prominent flowers. This leafy flower however, can stand on its own with its simple but gorgeous blooms.

Rhododendron occurs most extensively in the eastern Himalayas and southeastern Tibet. These woody plants are essential for adding texture and density to arrangements overall creating a more extravagant and lavish look.

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Adding greenery to the home through ferns and succulents is a trend that is not going anywhere fast. To change things up and stray from the typical house plants, try keeping with the green foliage trend and add a bushel of Rhododendron to your home decor.

• Caring for Rhododendron •

These woody plants are fairly low maintenance and go along with almost all other flowers. They do need adequate amounts of water but keeping them in a vase with water does the trick! To increase water absorption you can slightly “bruise” or split the woody stems of the Rhododendron. If the leaves start to curl or become crispy they need more water

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• Celosia •

If you fancy something more eccentric, a more unusual summer bloom, Celosia is just the type of summer flower you’re looking for. With varying types, you can opt to incorporate striking spires of plumed Celosia or maybe try a truly unusual crested shape that highlights a petal arrangement,resembling coral and alluding to a summer vacation by the sea. This type of flower is a showstopper and demands attention. The colors are vibrant and accentuate the crisp and energetic vibes of the summer months.

Denver Summer Flowers

The numerous types of Celosia are most commonly found in the East African Highlands and can add ethnic attributes and energy to a summer arrangement. The name for Celosia stems from the Greek word for burned to highlight that the spire-like, plume plant resembles a burning flame and mimics the warmth of summer.

Don’t be afraid to mix seemingly contrasting flowers. Soft peonies balance the striking features of the Cockscomb or “Brain” Celosia! The featured arrangement below creates cohesion between the two divergent flowers by filling the gaps with lush, green leaves.

Denver Summer Flowers

•Caring for Celosia •

To keep these eye-catching blooms looking their best, groom them by removing the dead portions as they dry up on the plant. They are rugged petals and cling onto the flower requiring manual removal. Celosia also prefer direct sunlight to keep their colors vibrant. Make sure they have plenty of water and avoid keeping them in containers with floral foam as it doesn’t allow enough flow of water to the succulent type stems of the Celosia.

Celosia acts as the perfect summer flowers in Denver due to their likeness to a dry climate which keeps bacteria to a minimum and preserves the shelf-life of Celosia arrangements. Changing the water and keeping it clean also reduces the risk of these fiery plants being exposed to molds!  

It’s time to get creative and be the designer of the summer arrangement for your Denver home or wedding! Don’t be afraid to go bold and demand attention but remember that you can mix textures and aesthetics to create a contemporary and individualistic combination of classic flowers. Stop by our store to explore color options for the flowers mentioned or work with a designer to create an arrangement that speaks to you.