Bloom’s Cire Trudon Summer Scents

One of the best feelings, if we do say so ourselves, is when a guest enters your home and exclaims how wonderful it smells. Here at Bloom, we strive to put our best foot forward by burning the most exquisite candles we can get our hands on. One of our favorite lines is Cire Trudon, the first luxury candle brand in the world. Its candles encourage thought through aroma… something you may or may not have considered when choosing a summer scent.

Don’t get the wrong impression here, sometimes the candle scents found at your local department store can bring the joy that your heart desires but we urge you to step it up a notch. Treat yourself this summer to a candle that has depth and tiers of aroma to be discovered.

Summer is nostalgic and peaceful and can be harmoniously provoked by a scent by one of Cire Trudon’s signature summer scents. Cire Trudon candles layer key notes of fragrance that create complicated stories waiting to be deciphered. Maybe this sounds like a little much for a candle, but you’ll understand once you smell them for yourself, come into Bloom and we’ll happily prove it to you!  

How is one luxury candle company able to gain such a stoic reputation and loyal following, you may ask. By being the first candle company in the world, of course. The history of Cire Trudon is extensive, dating back to the monarchy of Louis XIV of France in 1643. Not only did the Royal Court covet the perfectly white candle crafted by Cire Trudon but most of the great churches in France desired the artistry of the candles. Cire Trudon’s summer candles don’t simply make your home smell incredible, they are also a symbol of prestige and history. Each scent is curated with a specific location in mind, whether it be the Italian coast or the French countryside.

Maybe your summers are spent along the mediterranean (or at least you wish they were). Cire Trudon’s summer scent, Cyrnos, cries out sophistication with heart notes of subtle fig and fresh parasol pines. The care-free aura it exudes mirrors the philosophy of summer!  

Of the three summer scents by Cire Trudon, Cyrnos is a warmer, fuller scent that strays away from the classic florals of summertime. It’s deep and woodsy while still emphasizing the lush greens that summer has to offer. Cyrnos was created to reflect the daily lives of high society in the early 20th century. The head notes add hints of citrus that keep the candle light and fresh.  

Perhaps you fancy something a bit more colorful, like the summer scent Positano, modeled after the Italian city itself. It has levels of aroma just the same as the stacked houses on the cliff in Positano. It showcases a diversity of scents all put together to make a beautiful, balanced fragrance that echoes the eclectic colors of the houses in the Italian city.

The summer scent is lively but all the same it's delicate. The lightness keeps in time with the rhythm of summer as it stays upbeat but evokes relaxation and easy-living. You could even go so far as to say that the special edition scent made in partnership with Giambattista Valli, a high fashion designer, is a vacation in a candle…

Be sure not to stray too far from the classics, or as classic as Cire Trudon Candles can get. The special edition scent that was also made in collaboration with the designer, Giambattista Valli, Rose Poivrée, is a twist on the well-known rose scent. It overlaps the rose aroma with Madagascar pepper and has a base of musk and sandalwood. The combination mellows out the femininity of the rose and adds a subtle spice that emulates the heat of the summer.

The summer collection, hand-picked at Bloom by Anuschka, truly captures the different vibes of summer and there is sure to be a scent that captures your attention. If you’re new to the luxury candle brand, it might be time to step up your candle collection.