Bloom seeks to deliver every arrangement with the utmost timeliness, care, and efficiency.  

To ensure that every customer is cared for, we can only guarantee same day deliveries for orders placed before 2:00 PM MST. We guarantee business deliveries to be made before 5:00 PM and residential deliveries to be made before 6:00 PM. Although we will work within the sender's timeframes to the best of our abilities, we cannot guarantee flowers will be delivered within specific windows of time. Please place orders with specific delivery time frames at least 48 hours in advance to allow proper planning time for Bloom's staff. 

If a recipient is unavailable, or in the event that a delivery cannot be completed for any reason, the following steps will be taken:

  • Bloom will contact the recipient to plan further delivery attempts
  • If the recipient cannot be reached, and the weather permits, Bloom may leave the arrangement in a shaded spot on a front porch or step, and will notify the recipient via voicemail.
  • If the temperature is too hot or too cold to leave the flowers outside, Bloom will try to find a neighbor that may accept the flowers on behalf of the recipient. The recipient will be notified with a detailed voicemail, noting which neighbor is caring for their delivery. 
  • If neither of these options will work, a complimentary delivery attempt will be made during the next business day.
  • Any additional delivery attempts after that point are subject to a re-delivery charge of the original delivery amount.