Summer Jewelry Trends

It’s a grey line when it comes to season differentiation here in Denver, the weather has not been able to make up its mind and cool wisps have breezed through the city; Denver is absolutely due for the 300 days of sunshine it boasts. After all, diamonds glitter best in sunny rays. As for now, wehere at Bloom, think it’s time to reflect “warmer” and “sunnier” weather with eclectic pieces that echo a passion for the finer things in life, adding shine and sparkle to our ensembles in more creative ways...

How would you describe yourself? Minimal? Sophisticated? Trendy? Regardless of your style profile, Bloom has the jewelry to fit your lifestyle this summer. From minimal to feminine, our collection of designers features a myriad of texture and bright colors sure to suit you. This is important so you find pieces that you’ll actually wear! It seems as though we have all been at that stage: an overflowing jewelry box that is full of beautiful jewelry but maybe they are too “out there” for you. Or maybe a bit too plain.

For The Minimalist: Mixed Metals

When summer months come around, the air gets sweeter with the scent of fresh blooms andthe earth warms naturally, we want to mimic those tones in our fashion choices. Opting to mix metals has become less taboo and this avant garde fashion trend tends to make the jewelry mixtures more dynamic.

To embrace a more minimal look and keep in line with the light glow of summer, try a piece from Tunisian born designer, Adel Chefridi.. His designs mirror ethnic trends and appear delicate and simple. The detail of his pieces, however, are immaculate and make them truly one of a kind. Known for his combination of solo and mixed metal pieces, an Adel Chefridi necklace adds some sparkle to a casual ensemble and can just as easily be dressed out for a night on the town.  

Small pendants on delicate chains create an easy going, yet succinct layered look.  Pair an Adel necklace or two with some of our own Bloom Bijoux Diamond Row Rings to complete the look. Anuschka’s very own bohemian inspired jewelry ranges from extravagant pendants to elegant rings, to suits the likes of everyone.

For The Sophisticated: Classic Sparkles with Pops of Color

 Just because summer indicates easier times and a balmy lifestyle doesn’t mean jewelry can’t stay light and still scream that you mean business. Keeping with the effortless nature of the summer season, go for classic sparkles in the form of diamonds paired with gems and stones in pops of vibrant colors.

Keep the eye interested by adding statement gems or a statement color. The results? An eye-popping grouping and elegant ensemble. Here, our Bloom Bijoux Tanzanite & Pave Diamond Filigree Earrings pair deep blue tanzanite withglittering pave diamonds for an eyecatching, yet refined ensemble. The necklace, also a part of our Bloom Bijoux line brings in geometric elements in the form of many, rectangular, step cut diamonds. The glitter of a delicate diamond necklace perfectly compliments a pair of statement earrings.

For The Trendsetter: Majorelle Rules

Maybe you’re an individualist and the first of your friends to try something new? If so, you’re about to fall in love with Majorelle blue,the color of the season.Synonymous with the world famous Moroccan garden of the same name, this hue screams summer! Try mixing with pure whites and classic sparkles to create a calm and relaxed palette, all the while making a statement.

Bangles from the Bloom Bijoux line can span the lengths of mellow to more ornate. By adding a span of diverse bangles that utilize the same target color with different textures can tie in a more simplistic necklace and extravagant earrings.Try using uncommon shapes like the hexagons in our Bloom Bijoux necklaces as a base for an intriguing look.

Jewelry styling is largely up to the individual and what they believe expresses their style most truly. Anuschka’s arm is layered with divergent pieces from her travels, all of which have sentimental value. To her, what started as a few, momentous bracelets has slowly become a staple to her daily look that has become a piece of her, regardless of the season. When styling yourself give priority to those pieces that make you happy and reflect your inner self.