Anuschka's Creative Process



Anuschka Pashel is a modern-day Renaissance women, working constantly to create beauty across a variety of mediums. When she founded Bloom By Anuschka in 2011,  Pashel’s work focused on floral design. Over time she began collecting and selling hand-crafted work from around the world to enhance the homes of her clients. Her eye for the striking, the unusual and the dramatic, made interior design and home décor a logical extension of her brand. Pashel is an expert at sparkle and shine, so jewelry design became another natural venue for her talents.       

How long have you been making jewelry?

My entire life. As a kid my friends and I made bracelets and necklaces out of cheap beads. We even made our own beads with Fimo, a soft clay that has to be molded into shapes with different colors and patterns and then baked them in the oven. We also made name tags for doors etc.

As a young adult, my friend and modeling buddy, Ashley Richardson, and I would buy second-hand jewelry at flea markets and thrift stores, cut the strands open and then make mixed necklaces.  We even got a store in Miami Beach, Florida to sell them.

I started  my own jewelry line, Bloom Bijoux, in 2011, right around the time we opened our retail store in Cherry Creek. 

How has BLOOM Bijoux evolved over that time?

In the beginning, I just stranded some mixed bracelets.  My passion for the work led me to artisans from around the world and the more I explored, the more adventurous and brave I became with my designs, especially after our clients' positive response to my work.


Anuschka Pashel working at a her desk with beads
Hands holding bronze beads
Jewelry work table with tools
Two hands showing a string of beads with a charm



How would you describe your bloom bijoux line?

Hand-made. One of a kind. Bohemian with a splash of Gypsy.


Can you describe your sourcing process? What do you look for and how does the final product come together?

 I go to multiple gem and bead shows a year to purchase loose gemstones, beads, cabochons, Italian glass and pearls for my ever-growing collection. I always look for new and unusual pieces. And I spend way too much money!

My home is my studio and my workspace often stretches out over our kitchen counter, formal living room, formal dining room and finally my work table in the basement. You can find beads and loose stones literally everywhere around our house. But home is where the design process begins. It’s where I lay out all the treasures and play with them until I find the perfect combination. That part can take some time. Once decided, I will tape the loose stones and artifacts on a sheet of white paper and add my comments and drawings of the final design.

What metal do you use?

Sometimes multiple metals. In the workshop the final touches are being made, like adding other gemstones such as diamonds, sapphires, rubies, emeralds. The list goes on and the possibilities are vast. Then, we send them off to craftsmen around the world— India, Mexico, Turkey, Africa and here in the US, depending on the style and mood of the piece. I work closely with all of the artisans to ensure that my vision becomes reality.


Arranging gems in the sunlight
gems arranged on a ceramic dish in the sunlight
cloud and rain shaped gems on a ceramic plate
Gems arranged on a ceramic dish



When thinking of new designs, what tends to inspire you the most

I am mostly inspired by nature and colors in nature, especially flowers and often by the gem itself.

When designing jewelry, are you paying attention to the latest trends and trying to incorporate them, or are you trying to create timeless pieces? 

Timeless pieces. I don’t follow trends. They are too short lasting, in my humble opinion.

What do you want people to feel when they wear your jewelry? 

I would like my customer to feel as if they were wearing a piece of art. A one-of-a-kind creation! Each piece has a story to tell and it seems that clients are picking up on that and really taking it on as their own. We are creating a story in the jewelry that connects each person to their art and in that way we are all intertwined. I want my people to feel empowered, strong and connected.









Earrings on a textured background
Sliced gem necklace on a ceramic plate in the sunlight.
two Bracelets on a black and white inlay surface