Honoring Cisco

To Anuschka, the purpose of Bloom is to cultivate and cherish all things beautiful. From that passion and purpose, long lasting friendships have been forged. One such friendship is hers with furniture designer, Cisco Pinedo of Cisco Home based in Los Angeles, California.

Cisco was born and raised in a small, 20 family village, in Mexico. A tight knit community, Cisco quickly developed an appreciation of sustainable practices, self-sufficient ecosystems, and the role family plays
into all of that. When he moved to Los Angeles he pursued any chance to work with his hands, and part of that meant working with materials that were overlooked by other artisans. And so, the Cisco Home furniture empire was born. Unique craftsmanship inspired by sustainably sourced materials, every piece unique, a new way of creating.

Anuschka and Cisco met in High Point, North Carolina, in 2012. At that time Cisco had converted an old furniture mill into a showroom and Anuschka was eager to lay her eyes on his work. Cisco absorbed Anuschka into his family. He always had the power to make those around him feel at home. His love language was caring for others, cooking enough to feed an army, and then finding friends and strangers alike to sit alongside him at his table.

Beyond his innately kind heart, he stepped into the role of mentor for Anuschka. When he came to Denver for a pop up at Bloom, he and Anuschka spent long days together, reorganizing, remerchandising, and expanding on one another’s visions. This began the evolution of Bloom from boutique to showroom.

During this time the two, along with Anuschka’s son Luc, went to Broadway to go antiquing. Nervous he would judge the size of Denver’s design district against that of Los Angeles, Anuschka drove the group in the pouring rain. When she couldn’t find parking, Cisco shrugged on his recently thrifted raincoat, took Luc, and left Anuschka to sit in the car. When Cisco and 13 year old Luc finally returned they were thick as thieves. Cisco turned to Anuschka and told her, “He has an eye for
The store was transformed into a dreamy furniture showroom, with Anuschka’s iconic floral designs, and locally sourced antique pieces handpicked by Luc and Cisco woven throughout. That visit would remain one of Anuschka’s fondest memories of her dear friend and mentor.

February 11th , 2023 Cisco Pinedo passed away.

Devastated, Anuschka travelled to Pasadena, California to honor her friend the best way she knew how, by creating beauty even amid heartbreak. “No task was too big. No dream unattainable. No fantasy could be crushed. He put the puzzle pieces into
place. It is up to us now to continue his way of spreading love and lifting each other up.” -Anuschka
Always curating beauty, inside and out, we at Bloom wish to honor all parts of what has allowed us to become all that we are. We thank Cisco, for his generosity, love, home cooked meals, and friendship.

Now, as Anuschka said, we must lift each other up.