Oaxaca, Mexico

Late last month, Anuschka took a trip to Oaxaca, Mexico, to source artisan treasures for our Cherry Creek and Union Station locations! She traveled with Irene and Astrid from ASIS Clothing!Anuschka and Friends with dried flowersmexican artisian working on beads and silver

She returned home with gorgeous artisan made Oaxacan jewelry. The region is known for crafting gorgeous jewelry through generational traditions, and was originally used for religious ceremonies. 

 Lady in pink mexican dress against yellow wall

Throughout Anuschka's stay, she was introduced to an inspiring group of women who are dedicated to passing their traditions on to young people so they can be shown the importance of coexisting with the rhythms of nature through continuing their cultural traditions.

women working on a loom

Each of their creations are handwoven in a loom, and some will be dyed using natural, locally sourced pigments. For these women, woven textiles are their main source of economic activity, allowing them to forge a life for themselves and their families.

mexican textiles

Each piece is biodegradable, eco-friendly in its creation, 100% Cotton, and took an artisan up to thirty days to make. Come and see these beauty in person at our Cherry Creek location!

mexican chef

Among the textile goods Anuschka brought back to Denver, she also returned with various hand sculpted Oaxacan pottery, including Barro Skulls, a cultural tradition that is still strong in Oaxaca today. 

mexican clay figuresMecican women with dried flowers