Tulipieres - A Bright and Beautiful History

Tulipiere with Floral

Often a symbol of spring, tulips have long been cherished for their longevity, bright colors, and overall beauty. Originally a wildflower in Asia, in the 16th Century they were brought to Holland from Turkey, and quickly became widely popular. Botanists worked to hybridize the flowers which began to fill fields of the wealthy. As the rare hybrid forms gained popularity, tulips became such an important part of society that they took on a kind of currency of their own.

During this tulip mania, potters and ceramicists of the day created tulipieres so that the expensive and beautiful bulbs could be planted in the individual compartments of the vessel. These vessels were designed to highlight the beauty of the tulips, without distraction from any other greenery or flowers. When tulips are plucked from the ground, if placed in water, they will continue to grow and in a tulipiere they flourish!

Growing up near Holland, Anuschka always loved the tulip fields. As she began working with floral design she developed a deeper appreciation of the art of displaying tulips. She saw her first tulipiere in Amsterdam with her mother and instantly became obsessed. The piece she saw towered high above her, sprouting with bright tulips in each layer. Her hunt for a tulipiere led her to Delft. Hand in hand with her mother they took a train to the Delft workshop. To their delight,
as they entered they found themselves in a room full of people hand painting the intricately designed porcelain vases.

Now, as the weather begins to hint at spring, Anuschka has brought these pieces of floral artistry to Bloom. In store, we have mix and match three tiered tulipieres imported directly from Delft in the Netherlands. In store and on the website you will find additional shapes and sizes of the timeless vase.

In our fridge, spring floral in vibrant colors and perfect for any centerpiece, tulipiere, or arrangement, is ready and waiting.

Celebrate this changing season, and all the beauty that comes with it, here with us at Bloom!