Moon Faced Garnet, Watermelon Tourmaline & Morganite Earrings


Garnet is often considered a stone of grounding and revitalization, fostering a deep connection to the Earth's energy. 

Renowned for its emotional healing properties, Watermelon Tourmaline promotes love, compassion, and inner balance while aiding in releasing emotional wounds

Morganite is said to embody the energy of unconditional love and is often used in crystal healing to promote self-love, compassion, and empathy.

  • Garnet Moon Face 
  • Watermelon Tourmaline 
  • Morganite 
  • Pink Sapphire Pave 
  • Baguette Diamonds Pave 
  • 14k Gold 
  • Silver  

Every Bloom Bijoux piece is designed or curated by Anuschka herself- she hand picks each element for their beauty and quality.

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