Cowboy Heart


Matti grew up in Oslo, Norway, where folklore is a cultural centerpiece. Growing up, her parents owned and operated a clothing store and her mother was a skillful seamstress. Matti was often driven to create her own wears—sometimes out of bed linens or old jackets. Inspired by the world around her, she found her way to Denver, CO, where she truly found her calling as an artist, receiving her BA in Fine Arts from the University of Denver.

Since then, Matti has raised three children, traveled the world, and lived in various places across the U.S. and Scandinavia, always with a paintbrush in hand. Her artwork now lives in the homes of countries near and far and continues to ebb and flow with the dynamic nature of inspiration, techniques, and symbolism. Matti’s artwork is a reflection of her boundless curiosity, unfettered self-expression, and passion for all things beautiful.

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