Balfour Senior Living Community

There are literally thousands of senior living communities in the United States. So it’s no small chore finding one that’s right for you. And we truly believe after you’ve done all your homework, Balfour will be on the top of your list. With its beautiful surroundings, award winning architecture and renowned care, there’s a good reason why our residents are so proud to call Balfour home.

The question is, what happens when your needs change? Do you have to say goodbye to all your friends?  Will you have to give up all the activities you look forward to every day? What about all those great meals? Are those over? Are you going to have to go through the whole complex process of finding a place to live yet again?

Or, are you going to be stuck in a community whose facilities are no longer appropriate or whose staff is inadequately prepared to respond to your current needs? No. Because Balfour is a new generation of senior living. One that offers a full range of services, from independent living to assisted living and skilled healthcare, as well as every stage of memory care.

So you’ll always have the peace of mind of knowing that even if your needs change, your community won’t have to.