Meredith Feniak - Botanical Artist, Muralist & Gilder

Deep thought, passion, and persistence are key to showing an energy to something inanimate that most do not consider alive and conscious.  I believe that everything natural has a complex history behind it, and strive to portray that in my artwork.


My artistic expression began early in life, but in a ballet studio.  A pivotal moment occurred when I was a young teen and suddenly I no longer needed to think about every physical movement. This boundlessness is exactly how I see the natural world.  Just like a dancer is communicating feelings and a story, successful botanical and scientific art should not only aim to educate the viewer about the object’s visible physical traits,  but also allow the viewer to peer into the subject’s soul.


The artistic expression of scientific information grows slowly, and my process involves many layers and steps  - making the image grow organically on the page or wall. I enjoy including the “back story” by leaving the measurements, diagrams, and other natural geometrical information I use in planning the piece. Many natural objects seem inanimate, but through my art I attempt to radiate its life beyond the surface.