The Anuschka Touch

Jewelry  Anuschka Pashel’s eye for the exquisite and her creative passion for arranging natural elements in an unexpected way is evident in the jewelry collections on display at BLOOM by Anuschka.  

Creatively Curated  

Through her world travels, Pashel has created a network of select artisans from Delhi to Denver whose one-of-a-kind piece reflect her unique, eclectic aesthetic. All of the jewelry at BLOOM by Anuschka is hand crafted and the gems hand-picked.

BLOOM offers a multitude of styles from strong to delicate, whimsical to sophisticated, and every day to once-in-a-lifetime. Whether it Joy Dravecky’s “Perfect Hoop” earrings for a Sweet 16, Hannah Blount’s black diamond vanity ring for a special friend, or Bijoux “Colombian Emeralds in White Gold” for a 10th anniversary—you will find the perfect piece to match the occasion.  

The Anuschka Touch  

It makes sense that Pashel, who is known for her stunning floral arrangements, has expanded that creative talent to jewelry as well. Pashel’s pieces are inspired by gems she’s found on her intercontinental treasure hunts. Among them, an Afghani blue lapis in the shape of a flower ringed with small diamonds, antique scarab bead bracelets, and Indian pendants that hang from a hand-knotted beaded necklaces of varying shape and color, all finalized with a diamond clasp.

Pashel’s genius for style is apparent in every single item on display at BLOOM by Anuschka because as a lifelong student of design in its many forms, Pashel knows that beauty is in the details.