Tex Mex - Round Top

Just last week, I traveled for the first time to Round Top, Texas in search of one-of-a-kind antiques and uncommon goods at the Round Top Antiques Fair. 

I was traveling with Kate Meyers, the Editor in Chief of Colorado Homes and Lifestyle magazine and creator of ‘Kate Finds Art,’ a personal matching service that provides a tailored art-finding experience to fit an individuals needs and wants. Our first stop was in Austin.

We spent some time familiarizing ourselves with the city- a delicious lunch, visiting a few local businesses for inspiration, and enjoying some Jeni’s Ice Cream (best ice cream I've ever had!) while wandering the streets. I couldn't help myself when we found a shop that carried Stetson Hats, and I brought a few back home to Denver. 

After a great afternoon in Austin, Kate and I traveled about an hour and a half to Round Top, Texas, a small town with a population of only 90 people. Established in 1850, Round Top was originally called ‘Townsend’ before receiving an official town status. The antiques show that made Round Top famous wasn't established until 1968. 

My main goal going into Round Top was to search for the unique outdoor furniture and one-of-a-kind outdoor pots. I was also able to find some fun modern pieces to mix with the vintage and antique pieces. I was surprised to see some of our regular vendors that would normally be at the Highpoint Furniture Mart or the New York Gift Show. It was fun to see some familiar faces!


The most unique find from my trip would definitely have to be these stunning hand carved Egyptian stone pots. They drew my attention immediately because they're covered in this thick moss and they look so old. This crate was lost in Mississippi for fifteen years, and was only found just recently!

Another amazing find- Vintage Sun Colored Glass from the 1920’s and 30’s.  Manganese, which was imported from Germany until 1917, was a common element in the production of clear glass manufacturing.  Over the course of time it discolors, giving the glass a distinct violet hue. Since glassware isn't manufactured with this anymore, the color shows the true age of the glass!

I was also able to find some gorgeous vintage outdoor furniture sets that I can't wait to mix with our fun line of Fermob outdoor furniture. 

I was blown away by how environmentally friendly the entire community at Round Top is. The event even collects aluminum cans to raise money for wounded soldiers. 

Some of my other finds include antique mirrors, vintage purses, new displays for the shop, planters, vintage bottles, jackets, floral and fruit trays. Each piece is completely one-of-a-kind. 

Oakbones Round Top hosted Kate and I throughout our stay in Texas. Newly opened this past March, the recently renovated lodging offered community dinners, an impeccably decorated space featuring Cisco Home (a vendor we have carried in our store for years) and the best hosts anyone could ever ask for. A special thanks to Cisco and Maurishka Pinedo for having us, and continuing to share the love of the Cisco family. 


It was lovely to run into such friendly and welcoming people, where they all have a story to tell. I was able to meet so many artisans and people from different places. I enjoyed every second of my trip to Round Top, and I plan on returning for years to come!