Let There Be Light!

Let there be light

Let there be light. And lots of it.

Here at Bloom by Anuschka, we strive to provide our customers with the finest selection of classic and contemporary light fixtures from around the world.  

We know that lighting is critical to home design.  It can make a space inviting and cozy. It can create calm or infuse energy. The right lighting choices can help pull together your creative vision of the perfect home. Great lighting adds life, warmth, atmosphere and dynamic energy to your environment.  To that end, Bloom by Anuschka offers a full range of table, wall, ceiling and floor fixtures. Included in that selection is a variety of high-end, hand-made lights, lamps and chandeliers from American, European, and Indian manufacturers, designers and artists. And we do our best to offer folk/fair trade products whenever possible.  As one of the premier lighting stores in Denver, we invite you to visit and experience these products in context.  


At Bloom by Anuschka we house a wide selection of unique lamps from around the world. Table lamps are an important element of any room, not only for their functionality, but also as an added statement of your style, much like a piece of jewelry can pull together an outfit, the right lamp enlightens the room and enhances its look.  

Our table lamps can help set the mood for your environment, whether it’s intimate, whimsical, or practical. Whether you’re looking for the perfect piece for your side table or an artful addition to your living room, or a pair of lamps to complete your bedside silhouette, you’ll find them here. We feature the best in contemporary and classic designs using materials such as Lucite, glass, brass and ceramics, and our designs are created to excite and inspire you.  


For directing light at eye level, a bit of added light, or ambient lighting in a space where ceiling fixtures are not the best choice like a hallway or stairwell, sconces provide a stylistic solution. At Bloom by Anuschka, we can meet your aesthetic. From the sophisticated elegance of the Carbet Sconce to the classic lines and contemporary flair of the Delilah Sconce as well as multiple variations in between, we have carefully curated a select range to suit your style.  


Ceiling lights are fabulous for adding a bit of the dramatic to your home décor. Whether it’s fabulous pendant lights for over the kitchen island, a dramatic glass chandelier to set the mood in your dining room, or a whimsical feather chandelier for your master bedroom, we have it.  At Bloom by Anuschka, we travel the world to offer fixtures, pendants, and chandeliers to fit every need and budget. Our hand-crafted and elegant dining chandeliers run the gamut from traditional crystal designs like our Nicole or Beau Pendant lights to the flowing European design sensibilities of the Blossom or Star Chandeliers. Let us help you choose the perfect match for your home.  For less formal spaces, we carry a large selection of pendant and hanging lights perfect for the kitchen, bedroom or bath in styles ranging from traditional like our Rosa Semi Flush Pendant, to more contemporary designs like our Marley Pendant.  


Floor lamps provide focused lighting to a specific area, or added light for reading from your favorite chair. We believe that the ideal floor lamp is about 68 inches tall. That height to conceals the bulb whether you’re seated or standing. At Bloom by Anuschka we can enhance an industrial feeling space with our Studio Lamp, or add graceful subtlety to your dining area with our Cranston Buffet Lamp. From subtle to showstopper — we have a style to fit your needs.