Exquisite Hand-Crafted Accessories

Exquisite Hand-Crafted Accessories


At Bloom by Anuschka, we believe that the home is more than just where a person sleeps. The home is where they live and it's a place where their tastes surround and embrace them, a true haven from the outside world.  

To make a home your uniquely own, you need personal comforts and accessories. As a Denver furniture boutique, we strive to provide accents that make your dwelling sing a tune that matches your heart.  All of our exquisite pieces are sourced from around the world and each one is hand-crafted. Here’s a look at the accessories we are proud to offer at Bloom by Anuschka.  

Home Accents  

The highlights of a home are the little breaths of personality found there. Whether it's with a Dutch-inspired tabac, precious dog-themed book ends, gorgeous crystal candelabras, or a gold colored crown, the spirit of the home is spoken in its fine details. We offer these accessories and more.  

Waylande Gregory Collection  

High-quality materials, bold designs and rich colors are what the Waylande Gregory Collection is all about. Each piece has been hand-crafted by an experienced artisan in Peru. The collection is a combination of sophistication wrapped in wildness resulting in designs that lend an exotic flair to any room.  

Missoni Home Collection  

The bold and eccentric Missoni Home collection brings classic Missoni color and pattern to a variety of home furnishings from massive couches to screens to the funkiest sheets ever. Just one piece from the Missoni line can add the kind of bold bravado, funk and whimsy to make any space truly individual.  


The bathroom should never be mundane.  It can also provide guests with a glimpse into the life of their host. The elegance and grace suggested by our bathroom sets and items like our antique tissue and waste boxes allow that glimpse to suggest great things with hints of adventure.  

Bedding & Blankets  

Comfort and beds always go together while style and comfort may not. At our Denver Furniture Store, however, we ensure that style and comfort are equally matched. Our selection of blankets and throws add an extra dash of style, warmth and layering for your personal sanctuary.  


Storage needn't ever be dull.  Our bone inlay boxes, for example,  are artful accessories rather than simply vessels for your stuff. Why hide your containers when you can sheathe them in decor. Opulence and functionality meet in our one-of-a-kind designs.  

Candles & Beauty  

Delight more of your senses with a carefully chosen candle. A candle brightens any room, adding enticing scent and romantic light. Conducting a symphony of style is as easy as pairing the preferred candle with one of our hand-etched vases. Also available are bath supplies to soothe the stormy soul.  

Containers & Vases  

An expertly crafted vase is a show piece on its own. Whether holding flowers, branches, or nothing at all, our vases offer an uncommon way to bring extra life to any surface with intricate designs and extravagant shapes. For a particularly unusual look, contemplate our variety of flute vases, providing a distinctive way to present floral arrangements.  


Mirrors are often associated with vanity, but at BLOOM by Anuschka we believe that mirrors should be allowed to be a little vain themselves with whimsical and graceful frames and unusual shapes. Each mirror's design is derived by inspiration, whether from nature, a historical trend such as Gothic, or an ethnic style. Each mirror is hand-finished.

Wall Decor

If a home accent is a little breath of personality, wall decor is a big gust of style. While many of our items are extraordinary pieces of art painted in oil on either canvas or reclaimed tin roof tiles, other accessories include metal works and photographs, assorted mounted horns, and other pieces. They are whimsical and even idiosyncranatic for the discerning buyer and sourced from as far as Cameroon.  


Versatility and variability are the two best ways to describe our pillow selection. Designs range between geometric, asymmetric, floral, animal, and beyond and most of the pillows supply color and sometimes slight pattern variations. Some of the pillows, such as the Ming pillow, may be made to order. Fabrics range from cloths such as canvas and velvet to more exotic materials such as rooster feathers or springbok fur and leather.  


Whether in the bathroom, on a coffee table, atop the kitchen island, or buy the bed, a  tray is often considered more for the objects it holds than as an accessory itself. Our trays are an exception to that idea. Each one is a work of art that needs nothing at all. Bone or porcelain, with a mirror finish or round, square, or hexagonal, each piece is made to pique interest.  


Setting up one's home to be perfectly attuned to one's tastes is a worthy endeavor, but the ability to take a piece of home with you is just as grand. The personal affects offered here include wallets, clutches, and scarves. These accessories are hand crafted with the same care as all of our other selections, allowing you to express your style outside of your home and into the world.