Cisco Textiles by Maurishka Pinedo

Cisco Brothers’ home furnishings have been a staple in our store, such as the Jug Cluster Lighting Canopy, and we continue to love the products they come up with. Anuschka travels to Los Angeles twice a year to visit the Cisco Brother’s showroom and hand pick pieces to showcase in our store. Step into Bloom and ask about our current Cisco offerings, as of right now we are super excited to have Cisco Brother’s poufs and pillows that are made with fabrics made by Maurishka Pinedo!

Cisco Brothers’ design aesthetic fits seamlessly into the casual and relaxed Denver home decor. With many of the furnishing designs stemming from inspiration by items Cisco finds at the flea markets he visits weekly, outdated and vintage items are given a fresh, contemporary design sure to stun those visiting your home.

Bloom by Anuschka has cherished the Cisco textiles line created by Maurishka Pinedo, daughter of Cisco Pinedo, creator of Cisco Brothers. Working and traveling in cohesion with her father, Maurishka drew inspiration from the vintage textiles of different cultures around the world. Bloom has long been a supporter of traditional crafts and keeping design central to the origins it came from. With multiple products in our shop traced back to Morocco, India, Guatemala, and more, we have truly tried to capture the essence of divergent styles across the world. The textile line produced by Maurishka pay tribute the the traditional, vintage textiles she witnessed first hand during her travels. Her prints tie into the theme and inspiration behind Bloom by Anuschka, but will make quite the impression in your home.

Maurishka’s textile line are all organic and produced with cotton or linen fabrics. The organicism of her textiles is reflected through the designs and give the home a laid back, chic appearance which Anuschka believes adds versatile style to a Colorado home. The earthy and wholesome aesthetic that the fabrics play out speak to the global atmosphere they came from. The Hakan textile features a Moroccan inspired print that come in embroidered fabric or printed fabric once again adding to the adaptability of its stylistic properties.

We love mixing and matching patterns just as much as the next person, and Cisco makes it incredibly easy to be the creator of your own home’s design. It’s as simple as choosing a Cisco textile for the front of a pillow, maybe a statement print, and another for the back that’s a bit more subtle to create a pillow perfectly styled for your Colorado home. The pillows can either be upholstered or slip-covered. Maybe choose a summer print for the front that coincides with a more wintery print for a pillow that stays in season all year long. Or just visit our Cisco pillow wall and choose a couple pillows we have already selected, you can’t go wrong! At Bloom we are strong believers in eclectic style that works harmoniously together to create stunning interior design.  

We have also fallen in love with the poufs created by Cisco Brothers! These super chic and refines ottomans have captured our attention. They are structured and fabulous while all the same retaining the informal nature of Denver home decor. The best thing about them? They come in Maurishka’s coveted prints! They also range in four sizes and can either be slipcovered or upholstered so there’s no doubt you’ll be able to find one suited to your tastes.

Cisco Brothers’ has created a line of home furnishings that are easy to integrate into your already style home or use as a base for a newly furnished home. We can’t get enough and we are truly in love with the prints that Maurishka has come up with to mirror the design characteristics of the world!