Bloom Summer Candles Have Arrived!

With Denver hitting record highs the last couple weeks we don’t blame you for wanting to spend some of the warmer parts of the summer indoors with AC. There’s no reason to dread days inside, especially if you can bring the summer in with our gorgeous Bloom Summer Candle line! On the other hand you may be a brave one and venture out into the scorching Colorado summer ready to return home to a cool, inviting home complete with the novel scents our Bloom Candle line has to offer!

The breadth of the range includes scents suited to everyone and incorporates worldly aromas to let your mind wander away from focusing on the intense heat of the day. Anuschka has worked to infuse a specific experience she has had on her travels into her luxury candles to produce irreplicable local candles with layers of depth waiting for you to explore.

Replace the pungent smells of chlorine and sunscreen with peaceful, luxury candle fragrances such as Yaya and Frangipani at the end of a long day lounging by the pool. Yaya was designed to mimic the light notes of orange blossoms. The freshness of the scent is enhanced by citrus undertones to brighten the fragrance just enough to refresh you after a hot, summer afternoon. The Bloom summer candle scent Frangipani, truly feels luxurious and is just the fragrance to make yourself feel a bit pampered. The delicate air of plumeria flowers is at the heart of this elegant candle. Hints of freshly cut, tropical flowers peek through to add a hint of nostalgia for days on the beach.

Coloradans tend to gravitate towards the wooded oasis of the Rocky Mountains where the air stays a little cooler and the spring water remains crisp. To stay true to the rich, wooded nature of the national forests you may be inclined to try our Oud Wood scent, Nuit a Marrakech. Agarwood “Oud” is a step up from traditional wood scents and carries centuries of use in its aromas. With a touch of bittersweet balsamic, this scent stays true to sylvan fantasies while retaining the lightness of summer. Along the same line, our fragrance Jardin Majorelle hones in on cedar notes. Cedar being native to the Himalayan Mountains and Mediterranean regions takes you out of the Rocky Mountains and into a more worldly take on woody mountainous regions. Cedar has a distinct hint of spice that imitates the warmth of the summer sun.

Maybe summer is a time of travel for you globetrotters. For the times when you are at home resting between travel, temporarily cure your wanderlust with the Bloom summer candle scent, Balade Au Souk. At the heart of this scent you can pick up the warm, spicy aromas of oriental spice. The oriental spice resembles spices most commonly encountered in the middle and far east but you can pick up a local candle to bring in the notes of these regions. The soft scent of vanilla is balanced with the spice of nutmeg, cinnamon and clove to create a complex aroma to satisfy your longing to traverse the globe. The scent Amber also incorporates hints of clove and vanilla but does not retain as much spice as Balade Au Souk due to the roundness of the amber, making this a more ethereal alternative.   

With the summer months comes the peak season for figs! This mild fruit smells slightly sweet and subtly woody making a complex scent to indulge in this summer. Summer time is ripe with sweet fruits and the soft smell of fig can replicate this aura in your home. The scent of figs brings us back to nostalgic summers with their unmistakably green, slightly dusty and milky aroma.

Our line of summer candles come in two sizes, large and small and are simply packaged to fit in seamlessly with your home decor. The weaved exterior of the candles that surround the glass container is a true basket weave giving odes to summer. We are excited to see which scents best suit your summer! Come into the store to get a sense of the fragrances yourself because words don’t do them justice!