Cire Trudon Candles


 The world’s oldest and most prestigious candle line now has a home in Cherry Creek North! 


Cire Trudon Candles established in 1643 by a Parisian wax merchant, Claude Trudon. Initially providing his customers and the churches of Paris candles for lighting. In 1687, Trudon became the exclusive candle maker for Versailles and continued till the end of the monarchy. Over the past 370 years Cire Trudon has continued production, without interruption, crafting traditional and perfumed candles.


We are Denver's only retailer of the exquisite, high end Cire Trudon candle line. A gorgeously packaged and presented 9.5oz candle with incredibly detailed and complex scents. We are currently carrying 18 scents, so whether you like a clean linen scent, a earthy, more flowery or wood and tobacco. We have the perfect candle for you! Stop by and treat yourself to a true shopping experience.

"The many centuries-long experience of the Trudon company makes it a wax producer with unrivaled know-how, manufacturing candle wax made with vegetal material, forming a unique mixture, to be blended with perfume for perfect candles that go on burning. The wax is essentially made with soya and copra while the candle wicks are made from pure cotton. The candles do not contain any substances on the Greenpeace OSPAR list. No heavy metals or pesticides are involved in their manufacturing and they are entirely biodegradable."


Bloom is currently offering the following scents:

 Abd El Kader: Morrocan Mint Tea
Balmoral: Mist Soil and Meadows
Calabre: Fresh Fennel
Carmelite: Old Mossy Walls
Chandernagor: Herb and Camphor
Dada: Tea and Vetiver
Ernesto: Leather and Tobacco
La Marquise: Verbena and Roses
L'Admirable: Fresh Cologne
Manon: Fresh Laundry
Odalisque: Orange Blossom
Ottoman: Spiced Rose and Leather
Pondichery: Indian Flower Market
Proletaire: Lily of the Valley
Solis Rex: Versaille's Woodworks
Spiritus Sancti: Incense
Trianon: White Flowers
Mademoiselle de la Valiere: Tuberose


 You can also order your Cire Trudon candle on our website here.