Cire Trudon: Did You Know?

Cire Trudon began as a company in 1643 in Paris by a salesman named Claude Trudon. His company grew once he began supplying candles for the French Court and the most important churches. The Trudon company even supplied Versailles until the very end of the monarchy. As Napoleon's wax producer during the Empire, the company survived the arrival of domestic lighting and the birth of the "electric revolution" continuing to prosper. They are now the oldest and most prestigious wax manufacturer in the world. 

Interesting Facts About Cire Trudon: 

- In 1811 Napoleon only gave a single present to his son when he was born: a Trudon candle encrusted with three pieces of gold featuring his head.

- Every glass piece for each candle is hand blown. 

-  They are all made of vegetal ingredients, 100% cotton wicks and free from petrol derivates.

- Bloom by Anuschka is the only supplier of Cire Trudon candles in Denver.