With Love Chocolate Bar Bundle


This three bar gift bundle has our top selling bar favorites for Spring. The perfect bar combination of floral, raspberry, and classic sea salt all beautifully wrapped in our 'With Love' Floral belly band. 


  • The Après Chocolate Bar - This bar is the perfect celebratory treat—the tasting notes of sparkling white wine infused cacao complement the sweet tartness of the raspberries. Whether you’re celebrating the end of a day on the ski hill, toasting a birthday, or cheering at midnight on New Year’s Eve, this bar is sure to bring you cheer & chocolate. This bar is best paired with a long day in the mountains.

  • Juniper Lavender Bar - Inspired by the mountains and growers, this bar is a blend of lavender grown by Lavender Hill Farms in Eden, Utah and dried juniper berries. Both ingredients are finely ground, giving a floral, aromatic finish that lingers on the tongue and conjures up the scent of a high mountain meadow. Tasting Notes: Lavender, Juniper, Pine, Citrus, Floral

  • Fleur De Sel - Fine French salt and craft chocolate were made to be together. This classic combination satisfies your sweet and savory craving simultaneously and stupendously.  Fleur De Sel has notes of  Strawberry, Fudge & Sea Salt.

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