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Beyond luxury, oOumm’s innovation resides in a refill, a patented capsule concept.

16 Tauri is based on a powerful woody accord of sandalwood, amber and incense. An olfactory composition where Cardamom, Geranium, Bulgarian lavender and bitter almond intertwine. The ensemble composes a bouquet reminiscent of both woodland and flora, at once dense and acidulous. A stroll through trompe l’oeil, an initiating journey on which one encounters first the subtle aromas of a simple garden (verbena, rosemary and sage…) only to abandon oneself thereafter to powerful fragrances of greater mystique (labdanum, patchouli, incense). As pastoral as it is erudite, 16 Tauri makes an elegant game of the eternal quarrel between the sacred and the profane, preferring the essential: an invitation to vertigo.

Head notes: Mugwort, Cardamom, nutmeg, Elemi and clove
Heart notes: Citral, cistus, coriander, geranium, Bulgarian lavender and rosemary
Base notes: Cypriol, Labdanum, incense, patchouli, oakmoss

Erakis is a charming dissident, a close call. Perhaps this base of bitter orange flower was infused in a perfumed milk bath then woken in cold water. From the first step, it would have inherited its milky veil and deliciously hungry intimation of lime blossom, musk, clove and accords of tobacco. From the second, it would have obtained its bite and impertinence, its skilful accord of transparent flowers. It has something nearly oriental, bittersweet, like cologne whose house welcomes it with delight and languor… yet without the remotest trace of regression or nostalgia. ‘Erakis’ is a truly contemporary orange blossom, full of vigor and character.

Head notes: orange blossom
Heart notes: Lime blossom, musk and clove
Base notes: Sandalwood and transparent flowers

Oud Amara is seductive, implacable, opulent and warm like an oriental breeze. Impossible to resist this wake, this swirl of precious and sensual fragrances like the sun of a scorching morning. Under his influence, we are surprised to close our eyes to better surrender to these secrets that he releases one by one, to these rich and complex notes that he sculpts in the air. Like a whisper. An olfactory, subtle and intoxicating melody. First there is wood and leather. Then this frank and proud musk. Something animal and comforting at the same time. A magnetic power which, little by little, reveals yet other faces: the spicy notes of saffron, then those of a delicately peppery rose, the sweetness of vanilla and amber, the powdery accords of sandalwood… A journey motionless from which one wishes never to truly return.

Head notes: Saffron, rose, nagarmotha
Heart notes: Dry wood, agarwood, musk
Base notes: Sandalwood, amber, vanilla


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