Green Tamegroute Candle


 Our signature scents, hand poured in a beautiful, handcrafted tamegrout green container. Clay is gathered from local rivers and fired in earth kilns and then glazed with a mix of oxidized copper and magnesium, which creates the signature green glaze. Perfectly unique and individual, each piece may have small imperfections as part of the process. Made in Morocco. 100% Cotton Wick.

Yaya: The Orange Blossom offers a sweet, fresh and sensual scent, enveloping you with light, peace and well-being.

Nuit a Marrakech: Oud is a warm, smoky scent, with woody, balsamic and sweet bitter notes.

Balade au Souk: The oriental fragrance, layered with cinnamon, clove, vanilla, pepper, and nutmeg, sends you on an olfactory journey through the markets of Marrakech.

Small: 40 Hour Burn Time, 9x7cm

Medium: 80 Hour Burn Time, 10x12cm

Large: 180 Hour Burn Time, 15x15


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