Bloom Smudge & Crystal Set Healing Bundle

In medieval times, sage was believed to influence an individuals wisdom, and improve memory. Native Americans have used sage for centuries as a spiritual ritual to cleanse a person or space, while also promoting healing and wisdom. The first documented use of Palo Santo is with the Incas, for they used it to bring spiritual purification, energy cleansing, and to generally promote healing. The gemstones differ in meaning, but with each healing bundle comes instructions and specific meanings to each gemstone. 
  • Size of Sage & Palo Santo Approx 3-4"
  • Each Crystal is unique- may vary from pictured


Amazonite is known to bring individuals good fortune, in both luck and money, as well as overall personal success. It bestows truth and honor upon its owner, as well as treating fatigue, trauma, and negative energy.

Blue apatite
Blue Apatite is believed to increase motivation and build up energy. It can help individuals overcome self-confidence issues by promoting openness and social ease. Apatite can also reduce irritability and emotional exhaustion to help lift an individual’s spirit.

Crackle Quartz
Crackle quartz is most known for its ability to counteract negative emotions and energy. It can help individuals balance their energy, as well as increasing mental power and intelligence.

Dali Jasper Calcite
In ancient times, the Egyptians wore Jasper as a protective element. It’s known as a sustaining stone, and believed to be helpful in times of emotional fatigue and stress. It can soothe the mind and body of anxious energies. Jasper also gives individuals independence.

Tigers eye
Tigers eye helps an individual wash away negative energies to help allow self-confidence soar. The emotional healing properties of Tigers Eye help the wearer stay strong throughout all the trials of life. It also aids motivation, and the drive for success.



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