Learn How To Arrange Flowers Like A Pro!

Mastering the Art of Floral Design

Working with flowers and creating a masterpiece is incredibly fun and rewarding. It is something I absolutely love!

For years, I’ve had customers and friends ask me what the secrets are behind designing arrangements that look stunning. I've decided to host group and private classes on the art of arranging – and they've become quite popular.  Everyone loves flowers!

If you’re looking for a unique team-building opportunity for your office – or if you want to take a group class, Bloom Denver offers classes several times a year. And at the end, you get to take home a stylish Bloom arrangement! 

Leave knowing what it takes to design stunning floral creations that transform your dinner parties and living spaces!

Keys to Successful Floral Design 

In each class, I highlight that there are three essential elements needed to create professional-looking arrangements: 

The Vase:  An ingredient that is often overlooked is the vase. It’s a critical component of the design as it takes up at least a quarter to half of your creation.  It anchors your whole arrangement – and it can’t be unsightly!

Clear vases are particularly problematic. The stems are not that attractive – and even if they are, the water turns murky over time. One way to solve for this is to line the cylinder with a leaf from the market.  

Champagne buckets, silver sugar bowls, coffee pots and even charming tin cans can all enhance your arrangements. Let your imagination go wild when it comes to creating designs for your next garden party, dinner or celebration!

The Flowers:  You always need more than you imagine to compose an impressive arrangement that’s lush and full. And, If you're a beginner, I always say it’s easier to stay with one type of flower.

If you are not sure of what colors to pick – monochromatic is the way to go. Do not try to mix too many colors together. Instead, select different types of reds, different types of purple, etc. If you stay in a basic color pallet you’re setting yourself up for success.

The Composition:  Proportion, scale, and harmony are all important factors in the composition of your arrangement. Where are the flowers going to sit in the room: on a shelf, in a corner, or in the middle of the table? It’s important to consider this as it will impact how you build your arrangement. Is it seen from all sides, three, or just one?

I absolutely love working with flowers and sharing my passion with others. Shaping blossoms into stunning European arrangements is a delightful skill to learn and I encourage you to pick up some stems today!  

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Join us to create your own Bloom masterpiece with Anuschka as your teacher! 

Course Fee: $200 including your take-home arrangement
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You can also reserve a private time for your group of girlfriends or your office.  Sessions are two hours long hosted at Bloom Denver, your home or office.  Throw in some champagne and tasty treats for an over the top experience!