Majestic Morocco

Stunning Pottery, Magnificent Rugs and North African Adventures!

The Kingdom of Morocco is a regal place for a shopping extravaganza – especially when it comes to procuring treasures for Bloom Denver! I travel there annually to find some of the most stunning wares on the planet.

With a mixture of French, Berber, and Arabic influences – the shopping scene is off the charts with distinctive textiles, pottery, and jewelry. 

Last month I journeyed to Marrakesh with my friend, famed fashion photographer Lynda Churilla.  Here are some of the highlights:

First Stop: The Marrakech Medina

If there’s one place to visit on a shopping quest in Marrakesh – it’s the Medina Souk.  Located in the old city, it’s actually a maze of shopping streets.  Bargaining for goods is the norm in this part of town – and I had to put my negotiating skills to the test. 

I walked away with a boatload of riches including brass trays, hena inked-textiles, vintage pillows, and decadent decorative boxes.


Patio circulaire, mYSLm, © Fondation Jardin Majorelle / Photo Nicolas Mathéus

The next morning, Lynda and I headed to the spectacular YSL Museum near the Jardin Marjorelle.  The recently opened terracotta temple for fashion icon Yves Saint Laurent is extraordinary. I was struck by the sheer beauty of the museum. 

Sidi Ghanem:  Urban-Artist Enclave.

Talk about chic!  This part of town is overflowing with French designers.  It’s where the expat Parisians have established their ateliers and warehouses.  I loved the vibe in this district!

My most cherished find was a collection of exquisite scarfs.
(I carried these back on the plane last week – and they have already become a customer favorite at Bloom!)

Photo: Lynda Churilla

Carpets – Carpets – Carpets!

On day three – I got serious with rugs.

We visited my friend Yazid whose family has been in the trade since the 1940's.  Armed with fresh mint tea, we spent the morning exploring his collection of unique carpets.  My absolute favorites were made from recycled clothing.  Striking colors and dazzling designs!  To me, they looked like paintings. 

What happened next could only be out of a movie...

Photo: Lynda Churilla

A woman walked into Yazid's store and started taking pictures of carpets.  We began talking to her – having no clue who she was.  We hit it off right away.  So much so – that within ten minutes she decided to invite us to lunch.  Long story short – a luxe black Mercedes bus was waiting to transport us to this lady’s villa in the countryside.  It turns out she was famed Interior Designer Kathryn Ireland.  What a thrill…And what a beautiful house! A couple of hours later we returned to Yazig and our cache of rugs.

Photo: Lynda Churilla

Photo: Lynda Churilla

Photo: Lynda Churilla

Green Gems!

Photo: Lynda Churilla

We couldn’t leave Morrocco without its cherished Tamergroute pottery – glazed earthenware that comes from a small village in the south of the country. 

Lynda and I headed straight to our favorite purveyor of these prized ceramics.  We must have looked at 1000 different green and ochre glazed candlesticks, vases, and platters. I wanted them all – but I knew I could only ship the best! 


After all that shopping – Lynda and I had to head to the Atlas Mountains to relax in an alpine retreat! I’m back in Denver now – but not for long.  Next stop for the store: The Netherlands.!

Photo: Lynda Churilla