Gurhan Jewelry: Pure Gold Bliss

All of us here at Bloom are head over heels for our newly added line by the jewelry designer Gurhan. Gurhan tackled the difficulty of working with 24 karat, pure gold to create sultry and contemporary fine jewelry. Many jewelry designers stay clear of pure gold due to the common belief that it is too soft and heavy to serve as a suitable metal for jewelry. Gurhan’s persistence in using the precious gold lead him to steer jewelry design back to its ancient roots when pure gold was still used and treasured.
Gurhan only began to make jewelry when he was 40 years old but his life before his discovery of pure gold jewelry was nothing short of adventurous and lively. There are quite a few factors that go into insuring these dazzling pieces are wearable and Gurhan focuses on two aspects: purity and performance. Working with pure gold has its challenges but Gurhan self-taught his craft to make pieces that are light and have enough strength to endure wear.
We can’t get enough of these gorgeous pieces that can stand alone or be paired with each other for a more complex look! As a jewelry designer that takes pride in his craft, Gurhan has created beautiful pieces that scream sophistication but maintains wearability and absolutely is stunning. Each piece is inherently different but all the same his lines stay coherent and refined.
We cherish the fine jewelry we have here in the shop and we hope you will too! To maintain the beauty of Gurhan’s pieces simply soak them in warm water for 15 minutes then pat dry with a cloth. If needed a few drops of standard dish soap can be added to the water. Make sure you lay your jewelry flat to minimize any damage to the soft metal. Although Gurhan takes extreme care to make sure the pieces are as strong as they can be, the reality of pure gold is that it is quite susceptible to damage from harsh care.  
Gurhan emphasizes the personal experience of the jewelry as it is intended to be uniquely yours. His goal was to ensure that his pure gold jewelry pieces resonated with the wearer. He believes that the piece becomes true to the owner as it is worn and signs of tarnish are a form of individuality among the pieces.

Gurhan’s designs play on symmetry such as these opal earrings and asymmetry such as this tourmaline necklace but still harness a certain clarity of the materials used. The designs themselves enhance the beauty of the natural metals and stones rather than detracting from them, making them simply stunning.
In our Cherry Creek store we showcase moments of color from Gurhan’s lines. Some of our favorite pieces have opals which are delicate and have just the right touch of sparkle… 
Perhaps some emeralds are more suited to your tastes! The stones Gurhan chooses are specific to the design of his jewelry and he values the contribution the stones add to his pieces.    
Bloom is inspired by the beauty of Gurhan’s line and supports his push towards individuality and purity. We treasure jewelry that will be a statement and draw attention to the person adorning it and Gurhan’s breathtaking designs certainly do the job!