Bloom: More Than Just Furniture


When it comes to interior design, we at Bloom by Anuschka are only satisfied by providing furniture that adds breathtaking elements to a room. Each piece offers its own taste of the world, providing an exotic touch to home comforts. Every product from Bloom by Anuschka has its own story, whispered by the piece throughout its frame, upholstery, and minute detail. When furniture is hand-made like our products, it carries with it the love of its makers in its unique creation. This love and care in both creation and selection of the product is what sets us apart from the average Denver furniture stores.


Our selection of products embraces both the concepts of whimsy and grace as well as functionality. Consider the console table. While any table may serve the purpose of sitting by a wall and keeping your car keys safe next to a lamp, to us, it's not enough for a table to be a wallflower, ignored as it carries out its duties! If placed in an entryway, a console table is the home's way of greeting its owner and warmly welcoming guests as it boasts of the hospitality inside. Elsewhere, the console can offer more than just a flat surface, but radiate the pleasures of being in one's own home. That's why we offer pieces like the Woodland Console Table, carved from mahogany and ready to delight the eyes as it proudly holds the items placed upon it. Other forms of tables, like nesting and dining tables, are no different in our eyes – they must be able to perform their purposes, yes, but they should also be stalwart sentinels of the aura of the home.  


When a piece presents its own distinctive twist in a room, its elegance and novelty carries over to the owner of the piece. A bookshelf filled with books might breathe a distinguished air into the room, allowing its owner to carry that air with herself. But a bookshelf that has more than just books can offer even more. After all, a bookshelf can be an intriguing item in itself, more than just the books or knick-knacks it holds, but not quite stealing the show entirely. We believe that a bookshelf should always be interesting and enhance the experience of perusing the selection of books upon it. In the case of the Martin Bookcase, crafted with sturdy metal, this is accomplished by the unusual slant of the shelves.  

Sofas and chairs

The proud sofa must be able to carry the weight of often being the room’s primary furnishing. As many demands are made of the sofa – to be comfortable but sturdy, to carry the tone of the room and to tie a room together – great care is required to choose the perfect one.  We are pleased to suggest couches like our Luccia Sofa. Not only are they made with love and care, but they are made to order as well. With a variety of leathers and fabrics, finishes, and sizes, the trial of finding a sofa that sings the right song for the sitting room becomes a joy instead.  We don't neglect this diversity and flexibility in our other seating options; in our selection of chairs, there are customization options as well, although depending on the chair, such as the Edmund Armchair, the frame carries the spirit of the piece and therefore options are limited to fabric. Likewise, in our selection of benches, there may be less flexibility in finish or fabric as it would compromise the essence of the item as a whole.  

Dressers and chests

The promise of style and functionality carries into our dressers and chests at Bloom by Anuschka. The one-of-a-kind styling for each item of furniture maintains the suggestion of distant lands while it also upholds functionality. With a space as personal as the home, especially in a bedroom, every element must exude the air of a personal haven. The variety in styles provided by our dressers will secure the elegance of your most personal space.  

Pet furnishings

Home comforts are for the whole family, and we wouldn't want to leave a single member of the family out. This includes the dog, that loyal furry friend who deserves a soothing place to rest just as much as anyone else. With the suggestion of the outdoors in the pine cone details, and the convenience of the removable linen, our Theodore Dog Bed is the crowning touch for any pet. The love and care put into this dog bed is no less than that put into any of our other bed frames, day beds, or headboards.  

Bloom by Anuschka

At Bloom by Anuschka, we offer more than just furniture. We know our selection like a mother knows her child, so when our customers are trying to customize their space with a piece, we are delighted to provide our assistance. We are also ready to suggest sets of furniture and, when viewing a piece on our website, customers may also take advantage of the suggestions below the product information. We also offer full interior design services. When a customer comes to us, it is our intention that our furnishings in their rooms are a reflection of their heart.