Peshtemal Turkish Towels

Peshtemal is a thin, multi-purpose towel. It's also referred to as a Turkish Towel or a Turkish Bath Towel.

It has a history of nearly 600 years and originates from Anatolia.  Peshtemals have many uses, which is what makes them so popular worldwide. They can be used as an alternative to any towel in your home, as a sarong, as a throw, and even used to swaddle your baby. 

While Anuschka was in Turkey this past July, she found and purchased a slew of these peshtemal towels. Take a look below for some photos of the peshtemals in Turkey as well as in our shop! 



Pair a Peshtemal with other items to create a nice gift!


Toss a Peshtemal or two across the back of a sofa.