Rose All Day Bath Bomb - 50mg CBD


This limited edition Summertime bath bomb has been infused with rosé wine & complimented with a dash of citrus + rose essential oils. Topped with lightly glittered rose petals & gemstones-you'll be feeling like the bougie babe you are.

CBD - 50mg
ESSENTIAL OIL - Citrus + rose to compliment the rosé
FLOWER ESSENCE - Heart Chakra Flower & gem essences
BOTANICALS - Mica-dusted rose buds & petals
GEMSTONES - Rose quartz, clear quartz
PLANT BASED COLORANT - Touch of dragonfruit powder

baking soda, citric acid, Epsom salt, non-GMO cornstarch, rosè wine, witch hazel, fractionated coconut oil, local hemp-derived cannabidiol isolate, organic colorant, blend of essential oils, herbs, gemstone, flower essence, love

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