The Better Charging Cable

The Better Charging Cable is a 3in1 USB fast charging cable made from braided hemp rope, recycled plastics, including ocean and other discarded plastic, recycled aluminium components and natural FSC bamboo. The 3 charging heads are compatible with iPhone, micro-USB (Android) and USB-C devices, and rated at 2.1Amps, it allows you to charge 3 devices simultaneously with one charging cable, reducing charge times and cable waste. Made for the ultimate convenience, The Better Charging Cable is designed to stay at home or keep in your bag for your phone, tablet, bluetooth device, portable charger and many more electronic devices. It’s also made to share. 3 different simultaneous charging heads means it’s the perfect charger for multi device homes or workplaces! It is compatible with any USB-A charging block, computer port, power strip or wall strip. Key Features: Eco Friendly / Made From Recycled and Natural Materials / 2.1Amps / 5Volts / 1.2 Meters Length / EMC and REACH

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