Stinging Nettle Tarot Garden + Gift Seed Packet

The Six of Wands is a harbinger of victory and good news just as the emergence of the Stinging Nettle heralds the return of spring and a renewed cycle of growth. Stinging Nettle is a hardy plant that can be found across North America and has many uses as a powerful medicinal herb and kitchen companion where cooking will remove the stinging effect of the leaves. Grows to be 24" - 36" tall. Perennial. Directly sow these seeds outdoors in the late fall so seeds can freeze through the winter. These plants can be invasive, so it’s best to contain to a desired area and not let them go to seed. Always wear gloves when working with the plant. Direct seed: surface sow and do not bury Space: 15" - 18" apart Germination: 10 - 14 days Maturity: 80 - 90 days Soil: nitrogen-rich, moist soils that drain well Hardiness: Zones 3 - 10
Made in United States of America

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