Original Shea Butter - 3.5oz


Unscented Shea Butter: As nature intended. This unscented blend is made with 100% certified organic ingredients, and is gentle for sensitive skin and is entirely hypoallergenic. Hand-whipped in small batches and enriched with vitamin E, it’s able to tackle the toughest skin and hair issues and is completely free from essential oils – protective enough for outdoor adventures, yet mild enough for a baby’s skin.

Our shea butter blends are made from raw shea butter, whipped with enriching vitamin E oil and essential oils. Shea butter is a powerfully nourishing daily moisturizer that goes on smoothly and provides deep nourishment and protection to your skin. It contains fatty acids to replenish lipids in your skin and strengthen its natural barrier. Shea butter helps to regenerate damaged skin, soften and hydrate dry skin, and protect healing or sensitive areas. Amongst other things, we recommend using it on rashes, scars, stretch marks, small wounds, sunburns, acne, dry skin, razor bumps, split ends, chapped lips, cracked heels, and peeling cuticles!

Great for sitting near your bed side table, on your bathroom shelf, or in your long-term travel bag.

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