New Zealand Sheepskin Hot Water Bottle


This hot-water bottle is something very special and totally essential for winter and fall, when you have to keep yourself warm and feel cozy on the couch. With this hot-water bottle you are covered, and you will have a hard time letting it go, when you have felt the soft and lovely sheepskin fur, that the cover is made of. The quality is simply amazing!

Size: 22 x 32 cm
Material: Moccasin sheepskin from New Zealand
Hair length: Approx. 1 cm
Hair type: Shealing
Density: Dense
Colored/natural: Colored
Manufacturing: Made of perfectly fitted pieces

The hot water bottle comes with a rubber inner bottle.

The cover makes it possible for the bottle to keep you warm at a perfect temperature in a longer time. This beautiful shearling sheepskin fur is cut down to a length of approximately 12 mm, so you will not be able to let it go when you have felt the beautiful sheepskin for the first time. It is a natural and extremely unimaginable softness, that you will not meet again soon.

Nb.: We highly recommend that the water you put in the bottle is not more than 70 degrees warm. Besides that, the hot-water bottle must not be filled more than 70%, and we advise against sitting and lying on the hot-water bottle, because it cannot be exposed to a pressure of more than 50 kilos.


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