Mad Et Len Eau de Parum

Mad Et Len Eau de Parum

Mad et Len is an ode to earthly elements. Handmade in a remote mountain village in the French Alps, the brand's exquisite faux de perfume, pure vegetal wax candles, room sprays, reed diffusers and "potpourri" in Saharan lava rock and amber resin formats are all craved-in-house, in small batches, with essential oils of undiluted flowers, wood and spices.

Each Mad et Len create is housed in on-of-kind blacked iron vessels made by the company's own blacksmiths using ancient methods.

Spirituelle - Fresh, clean, minty Notes : Cool Mint Tea, Basil

Terre Noire - Earthy, classic, natural Notes : Primal Damp Earth, Rich Soil, Ancient Wood of Petrified Pines, Aged Oakwood

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