Vintage Flower Bracelet
Vintage Flower Bracelet Vintage Flower Bracelet

Vintage Flower Bracelet

Being antique is not always a bad thing. Many times a real appreciation for things comes about with age. This time-honored piece of jewelry is no different. Created in India, this magnificent piece gleams with the craftsmanship of its creators. The majority of the band is composed of a beautiful fine gauge 18k wire expertly woven together and gently twisted over a formed metal piece for stability.  The center of attention on this beauty really is the magnificent floral and vine like pattern created by diamonds. Each rose or flat cut diamond is set in gold and accented with fine twisted gold wire and tiny golden balls which seem to insinuate a flow or motion to the piece. Even the screw closure is highly decorative, with diamond and gold detailing. The high attention to detail on all parts of the piece are a rare and sought after thing.

  • Flat cut and rose cut diamonds
  • Diamonds set in an 18K gold floral design
  • Fine 18K gold woven band.
  • 18K gold hinge & screw closure
  • 1/4 inch wide band, 9 inch circumference
  • Vintage, one of a kind
    Please allow two to four weeks for shipping.

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