Very Pink


The vibrant colors and carefully selected blooms in Very Pink truly make it a stunning and impressive bouquet. The combination of Peonies, Scabiosa and Roses, along with the bold berries, create a dynamic and eye-catching ensemble. The skillful petal to petal European style arrangement of the blooms also shows off their unique shapes and textures, adding depth and interest.

This bouquet can brighten up any room or occasion with its cheerful, summery vibe. Whether it's for a loved one's special occasion or just to show someone you care, Verano is the perfect gift.

Very Pink is a stunning choice for anyone looking to send a beautiful and meaningful gift. With its expertly chosen and arranged blooms, this bouquet is truly a work of art that will be appreciated and enjoyed for days to come.

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Since this is a fresh product, we limit delivery to the Denver area.  


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