Happy is a bright and uplifting bouquet full of vibrant colors. The combination of Peonies, Protea, and Hydrangea, along with the bold Roses and foliage, create a dynamic and eye-catching ensemble. The skillful petal to petal European-style arrangement of the blooms also shows off their unique shapes and textures, adding depth and interest. 

24" long low rectangular

*Flowers, containers and colors subject to availability and season.

Bloom guarantees fresh floral for 5-7 days, with proper care. To ensure longevity of the floral, we recommend adding fresh water to the arrangement every other morning.

Please visit our link at the bottom of the page for Floral Delivery Policies and Refunds/Returns. Including our guarantees, cancellation policy, timed delivery availability, re-delivery policy and special request/order availability. 

Since this is a fresh product, we limit delivery to the Denver area.  

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