Diamond Thread Bracelet

Diamonds have always symbolized the sun, and light. It's considered an emblem of perfection, purity, faithfulness, and promise.
- Sterling Silver 
- Diamonds 
Navaranta is a Sanskirt word meaning nine gems, or nine stones. Finding the beginning of the usage of nine specific stones in jewelry has been almost impossible, but it is believed that the nine stones are tied to nine astrology and cosmology. Each stone used is believed to occupy a certain celestial importance. 
- Sterling Silver 
Red Coral
- Emerald
- Yellow Sapphire
- Blue Sapphire
- Pearl
- Hessonite
 Known as a stone of good fortune, pink sapphires are bound to bring an individual power through hardships, subtle elegance, and intense compassion. Blue Sapphires held significant importance in the ancient world, signifying faith and celestial hope. It is also believed that sapphires offer protection, spiritual insight, and good fortune. 
- Sterling Silver 
- Diamonds
- Pink Sapphire 
- Blue Sapphire 
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