Coral Reefs Cushion


Drop everything and look at our lovely, new cushion with the most beautiful cylindrical shape. It is made of the softest, short cut sheepskin from New Zealand with natural curls, which gives a cozy and Nordic look in your living room or bedroom. Invite the nature into your home with a special cushion, that is different in its shape and can shine up a whole room with the soft sheepskin.

Details: Fur cushion
Size: Ø20, L52 cm
Color: Classic
Quality: Sheepskin from New Zealand

The cushion comes in a lot of classic colors, that is beautiful one by one, but you can also mix and match. The cushion is perfect on the armrest of the couch or as a detail in your favorite chair. The cushion is peculiar and pretty in its looks, but it is also very comfortable to sit with because of the shape.


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