Orange Flower Candle Trio

by Tatine


The essential oils distilled from orange blossoms are magical in creating atmosphere that lifts the soul. Green mandarin essence beautifully compliments neroli and petitgrain for a sweet, warm, and delicate orange scent burning in our little pots of gold. The distilled flowers and leaves of clary sage collected at the end of the blooming season blend into our citrus absolutes for depth, with a few drops of pure sweet fennel quietly resting in the base. One ton of delicate orange blossoms are required to produce a quart of the fragrant oil. Absolutely heaven sent.


TOP Neroli, Orange Blossom, Petitgrain
MIDDLE Green Mandarin
BASE Clary Sage, Fennel

Each hand-forged brass cup holds 2 ounces, with approximate 10 hour burn time.

Total product weight 6 ounces.