Gurhan Bracelet

It was more than 20 year ago that Gurhan first experienced the beauty of 24K gold. Captivated by its depth, warmth and sensuality, the designer was inspired to build an entire brand around this precious metal.  With his usual passion and determination Gurhan studied the techniques of ancient goldsmiths and then refined them into designs for today’s woman. In fact, Gurhan is widely recognized for pioneering the revival of 24K gold and reintroducing it into the modern fine jewelry market. Driven to offer his clients superior quality, Gurhan established a workshop in Turkey, personally training each of his craftsmen in the art of producing hand-made jewelry. In 2008 GURHAN launched the sterling silver line, using a  unique patent pending technique that “layers” 24K gold over sterling silver. The beauty of these designs, plus their ability to blend into both lines, made them an instant hit amongst GURHAN’s devoted fans. Both the 24K gold and the sterling silver lines are well known for one-of-a-kind creations, all bearing the signature hammered finish that Gurhan refers to as his “fingerprint”.  Among the company’s many awards and achievements, perhaps the highlight was when Gurhan was commissioned to create an entire collection by the Metropolitan Museum of art and National Geographic Society.  His creations can often be seen adorning A-List celebrities and fashion forward trendsetters including Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Lopez, Sandra Bullock and others. In addition to a retail Atelier in New York and flagship boutique in Istanbul, the GURHAN collections are offered through fine department and jewelry stores around the world.

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