Ruby & Diamond Bracelet

by Bloom


The Indian people have lived side by side with leopards for centuries. They are both respected and revered for their power and cunning. As a result leopard imagery has make its way into everything from storytelling to jewelry making as is displayed by this exquisite bracelet. This fantastic bracelet is covered in amazing oval cut rubies laid out to create the iconic leopard spot pattern. It is further adorned with pave rose cut diamonds covering the remainder of the band. The inside of the band is made up of a lovely, simple almost floral-like pattern cut out of 18k gold called Jali, a feature this type of Indian jewelry is well known for. The bracelet is also hinged with a clasp on the opposite side making the formed band easy to put on or take off. Also see our thin version of this amazing bracelet!


  • Oval cut faceted rubies
  • Rose cut paved diamond band
  • Set in oxidized silver
  • 14K gold filigree inner-band, tab, & clasp closure with double safety latch fastenings
  • 9/16 inch wide, 9 1/2 inch circumference 
  • Indian origin