Adel Chefridi Bracelets

Since the first time he stepped into the back room of a jeweler as child, Adel Chefridi has believed that a master can turn anything into gold. It is this believed paired with Adel's interest in antique coins and unique upbringing in the Mediterranean city of Tunis that led Adel to a career as a goldsmith. Adel moved to New York City, to pursue his dream of playing with fire, shaping gold and collecting objects. After studying Gemology, Goldsmithing and Diamond Setting at the GIA, Adel went to India to search for gems. It was on this trip that Adel started setting them in gold and silver. Adel has found himself surrounded by gemstones and a flood of patterns ever since. Even after all of these adult experiences, Adel's childhood is what ultimately defines his sense of beauty and esthetic choices. He still enjoys creating collections and surrounding himself with the magical beauty found in precious metals and gems.