Ocean Glass Candle 8oz


45 Hour Burn Time

Ocean Mist: Where land and sea meet, the soul is renewed. The mists  carry life-affirming, primeval essences: tart sea berry, mineral sea salt, vegetal vetiver grass, piney coastal cypress, raw driftwood, and warm aquatic amber.

Trade Winds: From the dawn of time, the trade winds have connected east to west, bringing with them explorers, adventurers, unknown treasure, and rare delicacies: freshly ripened bergamot, nordic juniper berry, lived-in dark leather, sweetly smoldering tobacco, minty birch bark, and redolent amber resin.

Jade Sea: Moments before the sun sets—when the ocean breeze stills and an intoxicating fragrance swells from the lush shoreline—the sea deepens from azure to tranquil, glossy jade. Blossoming bergamot, timeless dark rose, nuanced patchouli, intense vanilla, seductive midnight amber, and intoxicating night musk are indelible, unforgettable.


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